Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just a Little About Us

Hello everyone,

My name is Lindsay. I'm 25. I'm a teacher. Well, I can be. I taught 2nd grade for one year, then budget cuts, positions moved around, blah blah. You know the rest. So, I am a 'real housewife' for now! Which is great, it gives me time to do things for me like bake, watch movies, make paper crafts, sing Broadway showtunes, and bible studies!

That's me!

I'm married to a WONDERFUL man named Isaac. He's a body man...meaning he does collision repair on cars. He's got a 1963 Chevy C-10 that is literally school bus yellow (hence the belt buckle) that is his first true love! It was his grandpa's farm truck, then his dad's, now he took it and restored it. We go to car shows and when we buy a house here we'll be able to get it out of storage and bring it with us!

We've got two CUH-RAZY blue heeler girls named Mia and Abby.

photo by Kendall Mason

They keep us pretty busy! And yes, they're my babies!

So, that's us! :)

In February 2012 we moved from Dallas, TX to Houston, TX. If you're from Texas you will understand the rivalry there. It's not an out-right obvious one such as Texas vs. A&M, but if you ask any Dallasite about Houston they scrunch their faces, make fake vomit sounds and complain about humidity, traffic and rude people. If you ask Houstonians about Dallas they look like there's a bad smell in the room and complain about 'too many trees and grass' (I promise I've had people say that) and traffic and rude people. Isaac was an air force brat and wasn't born with this innate hatred for Houston. Before we moved here I had been to Houston TWICE in my life and that was enough! HAHA! I told God "I will NEVER live in Houston." That's what I get for telling God His plan!

On a side note.... God? I'll never live in the Bahamas! ;) Worth a try, right?

So, in February Isaac came down to meet with a friend that used to work with him at the shop in Dallas, but is now the shop manager here. 2 weeks and 5 days later we moved into the 3rd floor of an apartment that when I mention what street it's on I get a lot of sympathetic looks and hear, "Oh honey, you didn't research well, did you?" Well, it's our home and we love  are okay with it, all 45 steps up the stairs, gun shots at night, dog park smaller than our old backyard and all. It's our new home and we're making the best of it.

Thanks to a friend that Isaac works with now, we've plugged into an AWESOME little church in the Woodlands. It's absolutely amazing. It's got fewer than 40 people that attend Sunday worship. And there are Bible studies throughout the week. Since it gets pretty lonely I go to both Wednesday night Bible Study and Thursday night Bible Study. I'm also going to a wonderful Ladies Bible Study on Sunday nights. Right now we are doing a Beth Moore study on James.

So, what will I talk about here? Us, our lives, my crazy obsession with my puppies, some of my crafts I make, anything I feel like sharing. Any tips I find and lessons I learn that I can share to make anyone's life a little easier. And the best of all Jesus and what he's doing in our lives! 

So stick around, can't promise the same Bat time, but it'll be the same Bat place!


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