Monday, June 18, 2012

A Wild Week

My goodness. As I was writing the last post a big storm was rolling through Houston. A rainstorm like I'd never seen before. Now, I know that it wasn't from a hurricane, but evacuation did cross my mind. :) Once you see those signs on the highway it kind of sticks with you! HA! I posted and the power went out right before 5 p.m. It didn't come back on until 6 a.m. the next morning. Needless to say it was a good opportunity to clean out the fridge and freezer and shop for better food!

We've been pretty boring around here, just a trip to Costco yesterday. Costco has always made my heart happy...buying in bulk for cheaper AND coupons...however we got a 24 pack of glass bottles of imperial sugar Dr. Pepper (Isaac has many food allergies and corn is one of them), a 24 pack of glass bottles of Mexican coke (Monica, that's for you!), a 20 pack of gatorade, a 35 pack of water plus the rest of the basket full of stuff. Well, that was all well and good until we got back to our apartment and the lightbulb turned on in our head simultaneously and we looked at each other and realized we had 3 flights of stairs to climb. We got it done and in the meantime there was a stray dog roaming around the apartment that took a liking to me and bit Isaac. *side note* Baby, that's what you get for always being the dog whisperer and child whisperer. I started calling him Roscoe and I gave him water. He hung out for a while then he was gone.

This week I've been struggling with a job application. I know, I know. Lindsay, you need a job. But, it's for a Christian private school. The application is pretty intimidating. I think it's good, though because it does make you look introspectively into your faith and make yourself what you believe and why you believe it. I'm filling it all out today and making sure it's ready to take to the school tomorrow.
So, I commit to making sure the application is filled out by the end of today. You're my accountability.

While I'm writing this my dogs keep trying to get in my lap, so I'll let them help and make a 'live' appearance. Excuse the lack of makeup I told the girls if they were going to be on the internet they should put on makeup first, but they said that wouldn't be as real. ;) The first picture is of me and my 2 year old blue heeler, Mia. She's my best little friend that's covered in hair. She knows she's my baby. You got lucky with a picture of her "looking" and not kissing me. It only took 5 tries to get one where she wasn't trying to kiss me. I'll post a video sometime of her doing her big trick where I point my finger at her and say bang and she spins and falls. She's rather proud of that one.

This is Abby...oh, Abby Kadabby. She's our crazy one. She's funny, wild and snuggly. I turn on the camera on my ipad where you can see yourself and she loves it! Our house in Dallas had mirrors everywhere...kind of weird. But, there was a book case in the hallway for several months which blocked the mirror at her eye level. When we got ready to move we moved the book case and it blew her mind. She thought we got another puppy and was determined to let that dog know it was HER house! She's 40 lbs of lap dog love!

Ok, next blog I've got a discovery I made about my vacuum. So, anyone with pets, anyone my age that never really deep cleaned your vacuum (is that an oxymoron? clean your vacuum?) or anyone who doesn't have pets that just needs to clean out your filter I've got pictures of me doing that! :) it was GROSS!!! I'll save it for next time, though! Hope you're having a great week. Leave me some love!

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  1. you are friggin HILARIOUS!!! I love your blog!!