Monday, July 2, 2012

My Better Half

Isaac! Oh my Isaac! He's the man for me! I must be the girl for him, too since he was given the option to back out a month before the wedding and didn't take it! :) 

I just want to spend this blog post letting you get to know him better! :)

He made me the happiest girl when he married me May 21, 2010!

He's got his grandpa's farm truck that he restored. He loves the truck more than me...just kidding...sort of ;)

He forgives: 

Like when accidents happen and he leans over when I go to reach for something and my diamond on my ring catches his forehead. Don't get too jealous ladies it's not THAT big! :)~

Or when I mess up haircuts: (i can't find the one of where I almost scalped him) :)

He's sweet:

He loves our dogs more than he's willing to admit:

And above all he's goofy with me and puts up with me:

I love this man o' mine! He's everything I ever wanted and is a strong Christian man that prays for us and others! He's so hard working and takes care of his little family better than most grown men would! 

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