Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nails on a Chalkboard

First off I'd like to thank my friend Amy Hughes for highlighting my blog on her blog! :) Love ya girl! I grabbed one of her buttons and have it on my blog ------> over there. :) Follow her, she's a mom, photographer, nail polish addict and all around great person. She's kind of the reason for this blog today! LOL! I keep seeing her instagram photos of her desperate search for Giada's nails! ;)

You know those cheesy photos on the walls of the nail salons? Well, I love them. I always get a little laugh out of them at least. They always try to convey that having your nails done is conducive to having money.

 If I had money I wouldn't be getting my nails done at Skillman and 635. (All my Dallas girls will know!) And no lie. I got my nails done there for a while. I've gotten my nails done in just about every hood in Dallas. Can't beat that $11 fill! HAHA!

And I know you've all seen the pictures on pinterest that girls post insinuating that they did their nails.

I mean they must have done it since they're holding the bottle!!! So, between being a hand model this week and realizing my calling in life is to be an OPI nail polish namer...here's what I came up with.

Anyways. I got my nails done for an interview and when the interview was over I wanted to change polishes to something more funky like a Bel Air Blue that I have in my arsenal of nail polishes. But, instead of finding nail polish remover I found something better. Drug store glitter polish! I love this stuff. That's only one coat on top of OPI 'Pinking of You' . You can add all the coats you want. It just gets better. 

I'm running to Wal Mart this afternoon for food!!!! We've been kinda making sporadic trips to Kroger since the power went out to get enough to get us through a couple of days. Chicken is my main staple for dinners and we haven't had chicken. In fact I added up looking at our bank accounts that we've spent more in the month of June on eating out than I've spent on groceries plus Costco combined!!!! WHAT?!?!?! So, I'm kind of overhauling the fridge. My main advice is to have recipes in mind of what you're making before you go shopping. That's the best tip I can give including to myself. Anyways. I've got a seasoning that I'll recommend next blog but I don't want to recommend them without having a picture of the finished product! :) So, that's it for now! See y'all later!

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