Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm addicted...

I've been off this blog since I became a teacher. Let me update, then I'll tell you why I was gone. We moved on up like George and Weezy (thanks to my bills notebook that helped me know what we could afford--see previous post) to The Woodlands. I am no longer a Kindergarten teacher. GASP! I taught Kinder for the first 9 weeks and then they needed a 2nd grade teacher. So, I gladly took the 2nd grade spot! :) Now, I've got a whopping 4 students and it's A-mazing! Now, why have I not been blogging? Because of my addiction. I think about it all the time, talk about it all the time, spend all of my extra time doing it.


Yep, this heifer started working out. Wait, not working out...crossfitting. I can't sell this short. It's SUPER intense and I'm getting great results from it. Look at these chicks:

Isn't that crazy??? The last 5 pictures are of my new role model: Christmas Abbott....isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen that could put you in a choke hold with her fingers?! 

Oh my. (Boys can have their man crushes on Tebow, this is my chick crush)

Now, with that being said....Tomorrow we start a new lifestyle...Paleo. 

What is that? It's all grass fed meat, veggies, limited fruits and good fats. No added sugars and no starches. We're doing a challenge at our crossfit box (that's what they call the locations- boxes). 

I just want to scream it from the rooftops what God gave us by moving here. A whole new lease on life and our marriage. Had we stayed in Dallas we would have NEVER done this for ourselves. Ever. We would have worked and ate and worked and ate and worked and ate and slept.  I've got a bunch of goals that I'm going to post for 2013. I'm not doing a resolution because you break resolutions, you don't break goals. I'm kicking my life into beast mode. :) 

More to come about Crossfit and Paleo and my goals for 2013.

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