Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cleaning A Vacuum

Ok. To me, "cleaning a vacuum" sounds like an oxymoron. And it makes me feel a little Monica-ish.

I remember in one episode she had a dustbuster to clean her big vacuum.

Anywho. Like I've mentioned in previous posts, we have 2 blue heelers. Everyone said, isn't it great how little they shed? But....

So, since I have some time on my hands, I try to make sure I vacuum every Wednesday. Is that often enough? Anywho, my cousin cleans houses and does it for everyone in our family. So, when I lived with my aunt she would come every 2 weeks and clean the house and we would just spot vacuum in between when needed. So, I never saw anyone clean out a vacuum filter. Now, the next picture may make some people say GROSS! But, you've been warned.

That was 2 weeks worth of dog hair. I skipped a week, so sue me...I got to it! Anyways. I kept noticing that our vacuum seemed like it was losing suction. Well, I noticed below the canister where all that hair was that it said "Turn to left to take filter out" So, I turned it and pulled it out to see and looked at the bottom because a couple of weeks ago I noticed you could buy new ones at Walmart. Again, I'm 25, and have only been married and responsible for a home for 2 years. I'm sure some of you are smirking thinking I'm dumb, but I'm hoping there's at least ONE of you out there that didn't know this, either! So, I looked on the bottom and it said to wash with hot water. Let me tell you it was gross, too. But, I did it. There's a foam pad around the filter and a filter in the middle. So, I took the pad out and washed that too and washed the filter then set out a dish towel and turned the filter upside down and let it dry out. See photo below. Upper left corner is the foam pad, black thing on the right is the filter and the bottom is the canister it was all in.

Ok, so I hope that SOMEONE learned something, too!!! Hope you didn't lose your lunch on the dog hair in the trash. I've got oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in the oven now that are beeping at me! See ya later!!

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