Saturday, June 23, 2012

Holy Fear of Frogs, Batman!


Can I just say that to start with? Ughghghghghghgggghhhhh!! <--- that's me shuddering.

Yeah, yeah, all God's creatures. (snakes, lizards, spiders, frogs and scorpions are not my favorites of God's fact my friend posted a picture of a spider on facebook that would make me lose control of my bodily functions.)

Anyways. I grew up in the country...dealt with all the aforementioned hideousness that are creepy crawlies.

My best friend even lived on a farm until she got married a few weeks ago and we found these last summer:

Those are chicken snakes....about 6 feet long and my friend was hooking the hay and pulling it out of the barn, her dad was shooting the snakes, then Isaac was shoveling them and bringing them outside to turn belly up to get rain. Don't tell me it doesn't work because we had one of the worst droughts on record last year and it rained that day with not a cloud in the sky!!! I won't show you the picture of the one that had a bulge in it's throat (wait, throat, neck, there a difference on a cylindrical animal?) and Isaac knew it was an egg so he tried to just crunch the egg with the shovel, I know what a boy, huh? And the snake split open and the egg yolk ran....I know, but this is real life when you are living in the country!

Anyways! Now that you've got the willies here's my frog story. Isaac was sweet and took the dogs out last night and about 45 seconds after he went out he called me. He told me I'm missing it, the dogs found two frogs in the dog park and don't know what to do about them and it's hilarious. I'm all for cheap entertainment and believe me these dogs entertain pretty often! I run down there with my phone camera already on because y'all know how long it takes the iPhone camera to come on (3gs anyway).

So, Isaac found Mr. and Mrs. Michigan J. Frog. Really? You don't know that reference? This is who the heck Michigan J. Frog is...

So, I told him to put them down and not come NEAR me with those things! So, he said watch.

He picked one up and Abby was EXCITED! She loved them! She nosed them, tried to lay down next to them and rub them. Tried to taste them...whatever, she's a kisses for mom!

Anyways I went into the dog park to watch them play with the frogs and decided I was going to video it.

The video is quiet at first but it does get kind of loud because of some doofus screaming :) I alone here? Anyone else afraid of frogs? I don't like rodents either and birds have it out for me as well...pretty much anything else is good with me! :)

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